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25: Tackling The Sponsorship Industry

In this episode, Bob Johnston, founder of Executive Council and former co-founder & CEO of SponsorHub, talks about his experiences bringing efficiencies to the sponsorship industry.

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24: What Gets Founders Into Trouble?

Kumar Saurabh, co-founder of Sumo Logic and LogicHub, shares his insights about what gets founders into trouble.

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23: In Search Of Heavy Machinery

Dmitriy Rokhfeld, the Co-Founder and CEO at Machinio, shares his experiences of starting, building, and selling the search engine for construction equipment.

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22: Delivering Actionable Insights For Software Engineering Managers

In this episode, Hersh Tapadia of Allstacks talks about delivering actionable insights and business outcomes to software engineering managers.

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21: The Implications To Consider When Targeting Enterprise Customers

In this episode, Steve Viarengo, an accomplished software executive with over 20 years of experience, discusses the implications that startups should consider when targeting enterprise customers.

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20: Creating A Durable Moat With The Product Design

In this episode, Pree Kolari, an accomplished design leader, discusses how to create a durable moat with the product design.

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