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35: The AWS of Networking

Ryo Koyama, a 2x founder and the CEO of, talks about the finer points of securing IoT devices and access to cloud resources while building a better Internet...

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34: Is Mediatech Set For A Revolution?

Arjun Mendhi, a co-founder and CEO of Molten talks about mediatech and why is it a huge opportunity for innovation right now.

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33: The Danger of Data Lock-In

Mark Kofman, a co-founder and CEO of Import2, talks about the risks and dangers of data lock-ins.

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32: Cracking The Code Of Innovation

Ron Berman, a professor of marketing at Wharton, talks about the findings of the Startup Genome report that he co-authored in 2011.

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31: Saving Private Founder

Ryan Howard, founder and CEO of 100Plus, talks about how founders should protect common shareholders and themselves.

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30: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Value Chain

Harshil Goel, a co-founder and CEO of Dyndrite, talks about unlocking the promise of emerging fabrication technologies within production-oriented environments.

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