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43: Driving Successful M&A Deals

In this episode, Charlie Kwon, a seasoned corporate development executive, shares the acquirer's perspective of an M&A process.

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42: Addressing Delivery Pain

Haseeb Budhani, a co-founder and CEO of Rafay Systems, talks about his journey as a serial entrepreneur, and his mission of helping DevOps deploy modern applications on Kubernetes with...

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41: Crowdsourcing Application Security

Joseph Melika, co-founder and CEO of Inspectiv, talks about his journey as a techie and entrepreneur, and the nuances of crowdsourced application security space.

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40: Empowering Women and Saving Lives

Kaitlin Christine, the CEO & Founder at Gabbi, Inc., talks about her life's mission to empower women to understand their bodies and advocate for themselves.

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39: Solving the Challenges of Financial Forecasting

In this episode, Brandon Metcalf, a co-founder and CEO of Place Technology, talks about helping SMBs solve the challenges that come with financial forecasting.

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38: Confessions of a Rainmaker

In this episode, Ed Sterbenc, an accomplished enterprise sales leader and senior executive, talks about the finer points of rainmaking.

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